Welcome to Bakestone Brothers, 

where baking is our passion and providing you with the most delicious baked goods using only the finest ingredients is our commitment. Our baking family, operated by the Pita Bread Factory, is proud to provide you with bread products and baked goods that can be found in your favourite stores and restaurants across the country, many in organic and gluten-free options. We invite you to learn more about who we are and what we do. 

Our Story

Our Story

Our History

The old saying “Mother knows best” sure came true for us! Our story began after Fady Hayek and his family moved to Vancouver from Ottawa, sold their restaurant business and were looking for a new opportunity. His mother teasingly suggested opening a bakery to sell pitas made from an old family recipe, and thank goodness 25-year-old Fady took her advice to heart. Over thirty years later the Pita Bread Factory, under the Bakestone Brothers and 24th Avenue labels, continues to thrive. Today, we are a certified organic bakery that offers a wide array of ethnic bread products and baked goods that are sold throughout Canada and parts of the United States under our own labels and the private labels of many happy retail partners.

While our origins began in 1984 with pita hand-made in a small commercial kitchen, we now proudly offer a wide range of wholesome products from our certified and sophisticated manufacturing operation that still relies on the traditions of our artisanal roots. Even though we have grown in size, our Bakestone Brothers family continues to create the finest baked goods for your family, using timeless techniques and the legacy of the Hayek family’s commitment to fresh, wholesome products made in the spirit of Mama’s kitchen. We take our responsibility to our family and yours seriously, so you can always count on fresh and fabulous food for your table.

Our Pledge to You

At Bakestone Brothers we know that while the kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, fresh bread is its soul. This is why our family is committed to providing your family with a reason to gather around the table by baking the highest quality products, created from the finest ingredients to ensure that every bite you take is delicious. Each of our mouth watering recipes is fashioned by dedicated artisans in our BRC Global Standards-certified kitchens, who have sourced the best methods from bread baking cultures around the world. As a certified organic facility, we also provide product options that are gluten-free to ensure that all of our bread-loving customers can enjoy their favourite baked goods regardless of dietary needs. Providing you with the finest flavours, textures and unparalleled quality is our promise grounded in the tradition of integrity and customer service we have taken pride in since 1984.

Our People

The Bakestone Brothers’ steadfast commitment to deliver first rate breads and baked goods begins with our staff; they are the people in our kitchens and offices who we are proud to call important members of the Bakestone Brothers family. We have a dedicated team of highly trained artisans and administrative staff who continue our proud tradition of family; in fact, several members of our team have worked with us for over twenty years!

Our professional Bakestone Brothers family is serious about bread and baking and we go to great lengths to provide them with the best work environment possible. We love to see our team flourish creating and delivering the mouth-watering tastes our customers love to your favourite stores and restaurants when they are fresh out of the oven. We get excited about what we do and take pride in our products, so you can be guaranteed of quality, wholesome products on your table.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Bakestone Brothers is a leader in providing products of exceptional quality to our customers across the world.

Our mission is to manufacture and deliver high quality baked goods that exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of delivery, specification and price. We accomplish this by cultivating a caring environment where our dedicated and passionate team relentlessly service our customers.

We are committed to:

  • SAFETY: is our number one priority, in our workplace and in the goods we produce
  • QUALITY: producing top quality products with high performing teams
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: outstanding, internal and external
  • GROWTH: we will grow our customer base, production capabilities and financial bottom line
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: we are accountable to each other