What We Do

Bakestone Brothers is built on the traditions of over thirty years creating high quality ethnic breads and baked goods for consumers, retail and food services partners and community fundraising organizations. Our highly skilled artisans work in state-of-the-art certified facilities, and our focus on customer service, safety and quality mean that we can meet all of your needs and please your palate.


The truth of the matter is that we love bread and baking. As a BRC Global Standards certified facility, our state-of-the-art equipment enables Bakestone Brothers to proudly offer a wide range of high quality baked and ready-to-bake products in the most cost-effective manner. Our tasty offerings include: bagels, frozen cookies, Greek pita and pizza shells, naan, frozen pies, pita, pizza pretzels and tortillas. We are highly adaptive and competitively agile to meet consumer needs, so we can introduce new recipes quickly and cost-effectively as required.  Our team of artisans make all of our products in house, using only the finest ingredients to ensure you receive the best products possible.

Product Innovation

Our people, our products and our processes are what set Bakestone Brothers apart from others in our industry. Our dedicated Research and Development Team is constantly reviewing what we do, researching best practices in the industry and developing new ideas and ways of moving forward. In the spirit of innovation that began with the company’s founder, Bakestone Brothers’ agility and adaptability are what keep us poised to build on our successes and create delicious new products. Using sophisticated technology along with tried and true experience, we work with our customers to not only meet but anticipate consumer needs.

We take pride in our ability to turn an employee’s suggestion for a new addition to our specialty bread complement to shelf-ready, delicious comfort food in the space of several months. That kind of motivation, dedication and work ethic enables us to innovate in unique and exciting ways. At Bakestone Brothers, we aim to be pioneers bringing superior taste and quality to every product we offer you.

Retail Ready

When you see the distinctive image on our products at your favourite store, you can be assured that the Bakestone Brothers family has made every effort to create a delicious and wholesome addition to your table. Our highly skilled bakers have mastered the techniques of traditional recipes from baking cultures around the world so when you choose our baked goods from the shelf your taste buds will feel like they have been transported to Nonna’s kitchen, a Persian bazaar or the streets of Mexico. With innovative creations being developed all the time, using the finest and freshest wholesome ingredients (many of which are organic and non-GMO or gluten-free), it’s easy to “bring us home”. If you are interested in discussing carrying our products, please get in touch with us.

Private Label & co-packing

When you purchase a store label product, you want to know that it is made with the same quality ingredients and commitment to taste as your favourite name brand. At Bakestone Brothers, we take pride in custom baking and preparing products for retail and food services clients across the country who share our commitment to quality and integrity with their own trusted name and logo. We offer a wide variety of options on bakery shelves everywhere. If you would like to discuss the options we can offer, let’s connect.

Food Service

Our partners in the food services industry appreciate our ability to provide exceptional, consistently high quality baked goods they can be proud to serve their customers. Bakestone Brothers recognizes the increasingly competitive nature of the restaurant industry, so we make sure that our manufacturing processes and understanding of consumer needs are leading edge and adaptable to help our partners build their businesses successfully. Exceptional quality and top-notch customer service are hallmarks of the Bakestone Brothers legacy, and we are proud to be served by kitchens across North America. If you would like to use our products in your restaurant or food services operation, please give us a call.