Preparing the perfect pita is an art form and our time-honoured technique for making them is the “piece de resistance” of the Bakestone Brothers legacy. Our company was founded with a single recipe which endures as our signature product in the hands of our experienced artisans today. We continue to create pitas that taste delicious and have the perfect texture for dipping, ripping, rolling and stuffing. They are available in authentic thin style, pocket style, or thin bun-sliced to be used in your favourite recipe.

Whatever variation you prefer of pita pocket stuffed with cooked meat or falafel then topped with sliced veggies and an array of mouth-watering sauces, one thing is certain; if you start with a Bakestone Brothers pita your donair/shwarma/gyro will be the hit of the table. They are also great for wrapping a ham and cheese sandwich in to take to school or work, and at breakfast filled with scrambled eggs and sautéed onions and green pepper. Try using any one of our flavours – flax seed, multigrain thin bun, white, whole grain or whole wheat - to create your own masterpiece using our masterpiece.